Limit Laws

Limit Laws

 Taconic Hills Kennel Club  commends experienced breed enthusiasts who educate the public and other breeders about the need for long-term commitments and responsibilities. We encourage breeders to help new owners address issues that could otherwise result in the premature relinquishment of their pets. National research organizations have reported that the majority of dogs relinquished to animal shelters in the United States come from owners who are unable or unwilling to train, socialize and care for their dog.

Taconic Hills Kennel Club  further supports programs dedicated to teaching the pet-buying public how to find a responsible breeder and how to make well-informed decisions when buying a dog rather than buying on impulse. Such programs help to ensure that pet purchasers find a puppy or dog that is a good match for their lifestyle, at an appropriate time in their lives, thereby increasing the likelihood that the animal will stay with the owner for its entire life.

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We are pleased to announce that for our 2022 Shows, we will welcome Exhibitors in Junior Showmanship Classes who show Canine Partners

Taconic Hills Kennel Club Supports 4H.  Our Westchester 4H Club is currently recruiting new members.


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